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2019 Coffee Trends and What You Need to Know About Them

Every year different combinations and styles of coffee are created, and each year they get more creative. This year there are a few ongoing trends and new trends everyone needs to know about. Starting with single-origin coffee.

Single Origin Coffee vs. Blended Coffee

So, what is the difference between an origin coffee and blended coffee? The main difference is that origin coffee buyers purchase coffee from one place and purchase one particular kind of coffee bean. While blended coffee is a mixture of many different kinds of coffee beans.

Price Differences. Single-origin coffee tends to be more expensive than blended. The reason is that they are usually exclusively seasonal and produce a lesser amount (Mrcoffee.com). Blended coffees are less expensive because the many different beans used, produce a variety of coffee beans and many buyers are able to purchase them all year-round.

Taste Differences. Single-origin coffees get the taste of that origin’s coffee bean and have that bean’s particular taste. Blended coffees offer much more variety. These coffees are more flavorful, and you get different aromas, smoothness, and flavorful notes from them. Notes such as chocolate, vanilla, citrus, and more (Mrcoffee.com). In a way, blended coffees are some form of art because the brewer must blend the coffees in just the right way to make that coffee taste good! Trying different blended coffees is almost like going to different breweries or wineries to taste all the different notes in each specialty-made beer or wine.

Iced Coffee, Cold Brew, and Nitro Brew. Now, What’s the Difference?

On hot summery days, many of us need that coffee boost but want our coffee cold to beat the heat. So, we choose between iced coffee, cold brew, and possibly nitro brew coffee. But what exactly is the difference between them?

Iced Coffee. This coffee is many summertime-loving customers’ go-to. This coffee is brewed hot like any other coffee but at double the strength so when it is poured over a cup of ice, it will not become watery. This coffee is more acidic and is often accompanied by cream and sugar to cover the acidity taste.

Cold Brew. This type of brewing process is becoming more and more popular recently. The reason? The great flavors of cold coffee without all the acidity. This coffee is brewed with cold water instead of hot. Hot water pulls the more intense and aromatic chemicals out of coffee beans, which brings out the acidic and slightly bitter tastes (Greatist.com). So, since this coffee is brewed with cold water, it is much less acidic than iced coffee and is slightly sweeter. Also, this coffee will not change its taste much over time the way hot coffee does. So, you can drink it the next day and it will taste just as fresh!

Nitro Brew Coffee. This newer coffee trend is fresh off the tap! This coffee is nitrogen-infused and gives the coffee that rich, creamy, and foamy taste like a draft beer (drinkcoffe.com). And yes, this kind of coffee comes in a keg. Even though this coffee can cost a pretty penny, it is definitely worth a small investment to try it!

CAUTION! Be careful not to drink too much of our delicious cold brew coffee! Or you may end up like Jake, Rosa, and Captain Holt from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Crickler offers all those different kinds of coffee brewing styles. We sell individual iced coffees and cold brews from different coffee brands such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. For the nitro brew, we have what is called a kegerator, which is a keg system that we can install into your breakroom for perfectly cold coffee fresh off the tap!

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