Office Water Service

Crickler Office Water Service

Clean, refreshing, invigorating water right in the office. No more trips to the store – now you’ll have quick and easy access to water that tastes amazing and will leave your staff feeling refreshed. Come and see why we are the leader in office water service!

Fresh water within arm's reach

Amazing taste and quality

Virtually no service calls

Promote Hydration

Encourage staff to frequently hydrate themselves and stay refreshed.

Accessible High Quality

No need to for employees to run to the store just to have clean refreshing water.

Refresh the Workplace

Invigorate your staff with clean, high-quality water they love.

The Perfect Machine For Your Needs

We have a variety of water equipment to perfectly fit your needs

EcoStream Equipment - Office Water Service

EcoStream Firewall (EcoStream Elite)

Spec Sheet
Bevi Water Equipment - Office Water Service


*Touchless Dispensing Capability

Spec Sheet
The ION Water Machine - Office Water Service


Spec Sheet
Lavit Water Equipment - Office Water Service


*Touchless Brewing Capability

Spec Sheet

Keep Your Drinks Cold

Bring the chill to your office with ice machines.

Renting an ice machine for your workplace is the ultimate breakroom upgrade!

With our top-notch ice machines, you’ll have a continuous supply of refreshing ice at your fingertips. Perfect for adding that extra chill to your water or for turning your coffee into an iced coffee.

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Download the Information Packet

Find out more about our Water Service and how it can improve your company’s culture and employee morale.

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Contact Crickler today about our coffee service and bring some pep back into the office!

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