Benefits of Hot Tea

Tea is the second most popular beverage after water, with approximately 2-3 billion cups consumed daily on the global scale. Hot tea provides not only physical benefits but emotional ones that can boost an individual’s health. Create a stress-free environment for your employees by including Crickler’s Hot Tea options in your breakroom!

Different Types of Hot Teas

There are several different types of hot teas. All types of tea are brewed from Camellia Sinensis leaves, except herbal teas. Black tea is a caffeinated beverage while green tea is another variety that contains less caffeine but has a higher antioxidant volume. Herbal tea contains no caffeine and is best known for its calming properties.

With Cricklers Office Water Service options including the Bevi, EcoStream Firewall, and Ion, you can find the perfect water machine to fit your breakroom and provide hot water for your employees to enjoy the hot tea of their choice.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Hot tea can be beneficial to reduce stress and anxiety. Not only does drinking hot tea create a naturally calming effect, but the process of making a cup of tea allows individuals to sit down and relax. Crickler offers a variety of teas from brands including Bigelow, Twinings, Lipton, and more.

Keeping your breakroom updated with hot teas allows employees to reduce their stress in a relaxing environment.

Improve Health

There are numerous health benefits to drinking hot tea, and different varieties of hot tea include some of their own benefits.

According to MedicineNet, traditional teas contain polyphenols, caffeine, and L-theanine that can help balance mood-boosting hormones including dopamine. Along with this, some evidence has shown that holding a hot beverage like tea could induce psychological warmth, which is a positive feeling that promotes social connection among people.

Black Tea Benefits

Black tea provides benefits from flavonoids that help combat inflammation and promote a healthy immune system. Black tea can also help to reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease. K Brew, states that some studies have shown drinking black tea can reduce the risk of dying from cancer by up to 21%.

Green Tea Benefits

Green tea contains a powerful blend of antioxidants that can boost your immune system. MedicineNet states that drinking 2-3 cups of green tea could reduce your risk of heart disease. Flavonoids found in green teas work to reduce blood pressure. Antioxidants can also improve your eye health, working to prevent eye conditions including cataracts and glaucoma.

Herbal Tea Benefits

There are numerous kinds of herbal teas, this is because they are made from blends of dried fruits, flowers, spices, or herbs. According to Penn Medicine, some popular herbal teas include Chamomile tea, which reduces stress and improves sleep and relaxation; Rooibos, which improves blood pressure and circulation; Peppermint, which contains menthol that can help soothe an upset stomach or help relieve tension from headaches and migraines; Ginger, which helps to treat chronic indigestion; and lastly Hibiscus, which can help lower blood pressure and help fight against cravings for unhealthy sweets.

Hot tea provides health benefits that can improve an individual’s emotional and physical well-being. Contact Crickler Vending to keep your breakroom stocked with the right Hot Teas and Water Service Equipment to fit all your company’s needs.

Thank you to Torrie Valle, our Crickler Vending Summer 2023 Intern, for this blog post!

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