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At Crickler Vending Company, we pride ourselves on our customer service. No one should have to be left with an empty machine and dwindling choices. Your employees and customers deserve the best – the most variety, the freshest product, and the highest quality.

Top quality and reliable vending machines

Stocked with your favorite brands

Various easy & secure payment options

Customer support is just a phone call away

Always maintained and stocked


Employees select from their favorite items and pay using their preferred methods

Healthy & Energizing Items

Fuel your employees with our amazing variety of high-quality and fun items

Always Stocked

Restocking is a breeze thanks to our inventory tracking methods

Healthy Choice vending machine - one of the vending macines we offer through our vending service

The Perfect Machines for Your Needs

With Crickler’s interactive vending machines, customers can compare products or browse product information before making a purchase.

  • Customized to your needs
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Always stocked and maintained
  • Friendly and attentive customer service

Various Payment Options

Accurate & Convenient

We offer behind-the-scenes reporting technology with our proprietary Dynamic Merchandising tool that tracks sales and adjusts product offerings based on customer preferences.

Your staff will choose from their desired payment methods

  • Accurate reports of sales activity
  • Accepts various convenient and commonly used forms of payment
  • Google Pay, Credit Card, Apply Pay, Connect & Pay App

Promote Healthy Eating

Choose from a large selection of healthy items


Every snack and beverage you love is now just an arm's length away!

Every Payment Option

Pay with a credit card, or scan the convenient app what works best for you

Customized for You

A break room upgrade that will grow with your needs

Real-time Updates

We receive real-time updates when purchases are made. Your equipment will never run out.

Encourage Efficiency

Your staff will no longer have to hurry out in order to experience nourishing and satisfying snacks and treats

two granola bars and the ingredients
The PicoCooler is a great alternative to micro markets

Want to add even more variety? Try out our PicoCooler!

If you want to transform your break room but don’t have tons of space, try out a PicoCooler. Select fresh products like salads and sandwiches in your cooler, beverages, and other snacks.

  • Controlled Access Cooler
  • Payment Versatility
  • Interactive Touchscreen
  • Controlled Access Cooler
the full service vending one sheet preview

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Find out more about how our Break Room Solutions can improve your company’s culture and employee morale.

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Contact Crickler today about how a Crickler vending machine can bring convenience to your workplace!

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