The Avenue C
Micro Market

The Market of the Future is Here Today

Avenue C Micro Markets are a must-have self-checkout vending market for businesses whose busy employees need good food on-the-go. It’s a great choice for clients looking to expand their food selection for their employees, but who may not be interested in or able to provide a full-service dining solution.

  • Convenient meal options that are fresh, fun, and healthy
  • Fast and secure checkout process
  • Accurate inventory levels
  • Easy worry-free restocking

Why an Avenue C Micro Market?

Open 24/7 without the need for retail staff, our markets are accessible when a quick break is needed the most. We provide an array of fresh grab-and-go options in addition to packaged snack and drink favorites. From yogurt and whole-grain oatmeal to fresh salads, deli sandwiches and soups, you can get a complete, better-for-you meal. Looking for specialty diet options? Our markets offer a variety of gluten-free, non-GMO, organic, vegan and kosher selections, allowing everyone to stay healthy while staying fueled.

Promote Healthy Eating

We stock fresh fruits, salads, and a vast selection of healthy snacks.


No more rushing to pick up lunch during breaks. With our vending solutions, employees pick from their favorite items and pay using their preferred methods.

Energizing Options

Put the zing back into the workday! Fuel your employees with our amazing variety of high-quality and fun items. Your favorite snack is always within arm's reach!


Crickler has you covered, whether your staff is craving delicious energizing aromatic coffee, fun treats, healthy snacks, or complete meals.

Morale Boosting

The break room is where employees go to rest and recharge their batteries. Why not "WOW" them with the Crickler Vending solutions? We're best in class and affordable.

It's Fast & Easy to Use

The system identifies the product by barcode, and nine non bar-coded items through icons on the kiosk screen, allowing any item in the store to be paid for through the self checkout.

Multiple self-checkout payment options including cash, debit, credit, thumbprint, Avenue C bar-coded card, or through the Connect & Pay app.




Delicious, Healthful Products That Your Employees Will Love

Our self-checkout Avenue C Micro Markets offer hundreds of products in customized retail spaces, allowing you to provide an on-site marketplace for guests to grab a snack or even a meal without having to go off-site.

We supply products that your employees and clients want including organic and more healthful options and increased product variety.

  • Customized to your needs
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Always stocked and maintainedMicro

With Safe Touchless Checkout

Now more than ever, a safe and secure shopping experience is important. With a variety of touchless payment options, we offer worry-free convenience to our clients and consumers.

In addition to touchless payment options, we are deploying equipment that minimizes contact with frequently-touched surfaces such as foot-pedal coolers and mobile interface coffee and vending machines, as well as signage that encourages social distancing and our commitment to safety.

  • Choose from your preferred payment methods
  • No need to carry around exact change
  • Fast & Secure payment processing
  • Sales are logged for easy restocking

Avenue C Micro Markets are the perfect break room upgrade for companies in a Variety of Industries

Our micro-markets are the perfect solution that will bring your company’s break room experience to the next level. Companies in various industries rely on us to supply and maintain their staff with energizing meals that help improve the company culture and boost employee retention.

A few of the industries we service

  • Medical facilities
  • Educational Institutions
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Hospitality
  • Finance
  • Distribution Centers
  • Travel Industry
  • Local Government
  • Software Development
  • Retail Centers
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The PicoCooler is a great alternative to micro markets

Not enough space for a small micro market? Try out our PicoCooler!

If you want to transform your break room but don’t have tons of space, try out a PicoCooler. Select fresh products like salads and sandwiches in your cooler, beverages, and other snacks.

  • Controlled Access Cooler
  • Payment Versatility
  • Interactive Touchscreen
  • Controlled Access Cooler

Learn How To Use Your Micro Market

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