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What’s a Micro Market and How Can it Benefit You? Part Two: Benefits

Continuing from the last blog about Micro Markets, we will discuss the many benefits of having one in the breakroom.

Benefits of Having a Micro Market

Besides my example in the previous blog about forgetting lunch or not having time to make lunch, there are many other reasons a Micro Market can benefit you and your company.

For the employees:

Saves You Time with Your Lunch Break. If you did not pack a lunch and need to go out and grab it somewhere that time may eat into your break. The time it takes for you to grab lunch in our Micro Market will allow you to, in a way, take longer lunch breaks. The importance of having a stress-free lunch break is vital because your brain needs a rest. In fact, taking 30 minutes to an hour break will make you even more productive when you get back to work. Ever have a problem you have been stuck on for what seems like forever? Take a break, go sit down, eat lunch, and let your mind wander. The solution to your problem will eventually come to you, you just have to give your brain a chance to recuperate!

For Those Long and Tiring Nights at the Office. Or if you are feeling tired suddenly during the day and need a little “pick me up”. Our Micro Markets will suit your needs and provide you with what you need to thrive at work.

Loyalty Program and Promotions. A great benefit to our Micro Markets is once you create an account on our kiosks, you can access it by either your fingerprint or a loyalty card. Once you have created your account you are able to get access to any promotions on our products! Saving you money on certain products.

For the Employers:

This is a Way to Give Back to Your Employees. Show them how much they are appreciated by giving them the convenience of a market right in their break room.

Increase Employee Productivity. Everyone needs food to fuel the brain. When employees are not given options of where to eat, they may decide to go without. Working on an empty stomach decreases overall productivity. The reason is because that person is constantly reminded of their hunger and tends to focus more on that than their projects at work. Giving them a Micro Market to buy food from when they are feeling hungry will increase productivity. No more hungry stomachs to distract your employees from focusing on their work.

It’s a Competitive Advantage. A luxurious-looking break room is also a competitive advantage and can attract the best talent. Want to be the best company to work for? Show your company off by having the best break room out there!

It Serves a Wide Range of Location. Our Micro Markets can suit companies anywhere from 30 to 500 employees. The sizes of each Micro Market vary depending on the size of the company, how many products are wanted, and the size of the break room.

It’s the New Trend. Micro Markets are the next big thing in the business world. The Vending Market Watch wrote a blog about the growth of Micro Markets and they said it was projected in 2013 that by 2022 there will be 35,500 Micro Markets creating $1.6 billion in revenues. In 2017 there were already 17,800 Micro Markets that generated $1 billion in revenues! Wow, right?

Next Time…

In the next blog, part three, we will discuss the technology behind these Micro Markets. Stay tuned! If you want to learn more and talk with a sales representative, contact Crickler Vending today!

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