Food & Beverage Glass Front Combo Vendor

Glass Front Beverage Door

Galaxy Beverage Vendor

A proven, on trend, holistic beverage solution that provides consumers what they want. Premium, trusted brands and products in contemporary vending solutions.

  • For lower-traffic locations or to supplement existing vending banks
  • Higher Capacity for higher-turning items in high-traffic locations
  • Outdoor locations and accompanied by trustworthy choices
  • Portfolio of Good-For-You and Better-For-You products
  • Products that provide fuel for sustained energy
  • Comforting and satisfying products that enhance emotional well-being
  • Contemporary equipment  that engages consumers
  • Specially designed to differentiate from traditional vending machines and leverage PepsiCo’s popular brands
  • Vending Operator Service Provider Food and Beverage GFV-F&B Combo
  • Pay with coins, bills, credit / debit cards, and virtual wallets like Apple Pay
  • A branded platform with strong consumer appeal
  • Trusted brands consumers want
  • Product offering includes but is not limited to the following options on some or most products: Low Calorie, Low-Fat, Kosher, Gluten-Free, Real Fruit,Whole Grains, Limits on Sodium