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For Credit Card and Apple Pay purchases please go to for charges to be reversed by Crane Technologies. Once the form is completed you will receive a confirmation email and they will handle the refund from that point. You can also contact your credit card provider to cancel the charge.

Note: We do not send cash refunds for credit card purchases.

Contact us and we will refund you with cash. If your purchase is over $5, we will audit your purchase and confirm the charge. We will need the 5-digit reference number found on the machine that took your money, your full name, home address, the amount lost, and what the issue with the machine was.

If the refund is over $10, yes. If the refund is under $10, then no we do not send a check for refunds.

Under $5 refunds are processed on a weekly basis and then sent out the following week. Refunds over $5 have the same process time, unless the audit is not completed within a week.

You can read our full COVID-19 procedures here.

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