Cashless Options

Crickler Vending offers the latest technology and interactive features in vending to enhance the shopping experience.

With Crickler Vending, struggling to feed a crumpled dollar bill to a fussy vending machine is a thing of the past. Our machines feature the newest developments and most advanced vending technologies in the industry.

Above all else, Crickler’s interactive vending machines offer increased convenience to our customers. We carry cashless vending machines, with credit and debit card or mobile payment options, decreasing the time you spend at a machine when you’re in a hurry. Our interactive vending machines also feature intuitive touchscreens, LED lighting, and are often equipped with energy-saving technologies.

With Crickler’s interactive vending machines, customers can compare products or browse product information before making a purchase. In addition, we offer behind-the-scenes reporting technology with our proprietary Dynamic Merchandising tool that tracks sales and adjusts product offering based on customer preferences.

We offer cashless options to accept


Android Wallet

Google Wallet

Apple Pay

Major Credit Cards

All of our payment options are PCI compliant.

Dynamic Merchandising Tool

  • Provides a concise report of your vending machine’s sales activity
  • Slower selling items are replaced with new items
  • Product mix can be tailored to meet customer preferences

Cricklers interactive vending machines are changing the automatic shopping experience for customers across the U.S.

If the convenience of an interactive vending machine is appealing, but doesn’t offer enough variety for your needs, consider one of our Cricker Vending micro markets, for an expanded product selection featuring fresh and locally-sourced items when possible. Contact us to learn which vending solutions we offer in your area.