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People in Breakroom
People in Breakroom
People in Breakroom
People in Breakroom

A Way to Create an At-Home Feel in Your Office

Where employees working from home would normally grab a snack or drink from their kitchen at any time, they now can do the same at work. We recommend giving your employees free food and drinks as a perk that also doubles as the at-home feel they now crave. We can help you with that by providing the products and delivering them to you!

Engage Top Talent Through the Pantry

Engaging top talent is of large importance for many businesses, so it’s important to build an atmosphere that attracts and keeps the best employees. You can use our pantry services as an employee perk to help attract top talent! Plus, with a break room stocked with all your favorite foods, your team will always enjoy coming to work!

Hundreds of Snacks and Beverages to Choose From

We provide all your favorite office snacks – from classic beverages to the latest healthy snacks. We provide hundreds of snack items including beverages, chips, candy, fresh fruit, and trail mixes that are available in both individual packages or bulk sizes tailored to your company’s preference, employees, and budget.

Affordable and Flexible

With the pantry, there are no minimums you need to be mindful of and the cost is fully customizable to what fits your budget.

Pair with Office Coffee Minimums

If you want to offer your employees the option of gourmet coffee but do not think you can buy enough coffee for the minimum on certain machines, you can purchase pantry products to cover the rest of the minimum costs!

Our Three Main Pantry Packages

Purchase Products from Us, and You Provide the Shelving

This option allows a company to use its own shelving and space to display the products for its employees. Many companies that choose this option give the products away as an employee perk. They order the products from us, and we will stock your breakroom for you.

Purchase Products and a Market

Your company can purchase a market from us and use it to display products in a neat and organized way. How this works is that your company purchases products from us to give away as an employee perk and we will stock your market for you. No hassle and it makes your breakroom look great!

We offer the widest breadth of build-out options for your location based on

  • Size of location
  • Available space
  • Preferred style of millwork

Purchase Products and a Market with a Tablet

With the tablet, you can choose to subsidize the products you buy from us and sell them to your employees. What we recommend with this package is selling the products to employees at the cost amount, or half of the cost as another perk!

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