Pantry Solutions


A pantry is similar to a Micro Market, but the pantry does not have a payment system installed. How it works is that you can choose what products you want, then Crickler will order them and restock the pantry for you.

With the pantry, your company pays Crickler for the products and then you may give them away as an employee perk.

Or, your company may choose to buy the products from Crickler and then sell them to their employees or guests. Many hotels will do this in their lobbies.

Engaging top talent is of large importance for many businesses, so it’s important to build an atmosphere that attracts and keeps the best employees. Plus, with a break room stocked with all your favorite foods, your team always enjoy coming to work! We provide all your favorite office snacks – from classic beverages to the latest healthy snacks. We provide thousands of snack items including beverages, chips, candy, fresh fruit and trail mixes that are available in both individual packages or bulk sizes tailored to your company’s preference, employees, and budget. Your schedule is already busy and it’s already hard to get everything done in one day. Let us provide your break room needs by supplying the foods necessary to keep up your productive work day. We’ll supply snacks that are tailored to your preferences.

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