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Giving a Helping Hand

Read about what we have been to adapt to the new normal

The Coronavirus has changed the way “normal” is nowadays. People look at it as either for the better or for worse. One of the greatest things that have come out of this pandemic is how companies and people, in general, have stepped up to help each other out. We have seen companies donating their products, people at home making free masks for essential workers, communities coming together to feed those in need, and so many more wonderful acts of kindness. At Crickler, we have undergone hardship from having to let go many of our employees (temporarily) and losing business due to COVID-19. Even though those hardships happened, our employees stepped up and helped out in areas they normally would not have worked. We are beyond grateful for our Crickler family and how everyone has done more than their part to help the company continue operations.

Due to many of our customers closing we had more products than we could sell within our warehouse. Instead of waiting to spoil them and take the loss, we donated boxes full of products to Rochester Regional Hospital (RRH), Unity Hosptial at RRH, Park Ridge Living Center in Rochester, and more.

We are doing what we can to help keep our families afloat, give back to the community, and keep our current customers safe.

We have been keeping ourselves and customers safe by changing our normal daily routines. Like other businesses working to keep everyone safe, we are making sure our employees wear face masks, practice social distancing, wash their hands regularly, check temperatures at the beginning of the workday, and sanitize all our machines and highly touched surfaces. We are also complying with any newly added routines/check-ups our essential business customers implemented to ensure top safety for everyone.

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