Design Styles

All the Micro Markets have customizable color designs that will suit your preferences. Our two most common color designs and one rare but unique color design are shown below. If you are interested in different designs get in touch with us and we will discuss other options!

Wilsonart Huntington Maple.

One of the most common micro market colors is the Wilsonart Huntington Maple design. The picture here is displaying what that color would look like in a market.

Wilsonart Huntington Maple

Funder Campania Elme.

Another popular color choice is the Funder Campania Elme. The micro market picture here is that exact color.

Funder Campania Elme


This color is unique, and it is not commonly used. The white color and rounded market of the Robelan design are shown in the picture.

Robelan Market

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