About Micro Markets

Crickler offers a new and convenient way to turn your average break room into an exciting room of solutions to satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst. Our Micro Markets are stocked with nutritious and enticing fresh food and snacks that will keep your employees energetic throughout the day. With more selections to choose from, everyone will be able to find something they will like. Best of all, with thorough customization, any company can turn their break room into a Micro Market.

Some of the key benefits of this new concept are:

  • Fresh, flavorful, nutritious choices available 24/7
  • Convenient payment options including cashless
  • Reward programs and incentive opportunities for your company
  • Better-for-you workplace refreshments, hassle-free, with a promise of employee satisfaction
  • The ideal solution for wellness in the workplace

As varied as our vending machine product offering is, sometimes your employees and customers want more options than even the most innovative vending machine can provide. Canteen’s Avenue C Micro Markets deliver the perfect solution. Our Micro Markets offer an expanded product selection with fresh fruits and vegetables, salads, sandwiches, and other healthful and filling meal options, in addition to all your favorite vending machine snacks. And, with self-checkout credit card and mobile payment technologies, our Micro Markets provide the same speed and convenience you would expect from a vending machine.

With up to 400 products stocked in each market, and hundreds more than that to choose from, it might be overwhelming trying to decide which items you want to carry. Canteen’s proprietary Dynamic Merchandising tool, offered with all our Micro Market solutions, takes that part off your plate. Dynamic Merchandising carefully tracks sales and helps customize products to fit your consumers’ preferences, so you can keep sales high, and your customers satisfied.

Prize Give-Aways and Market Discounts

Each quarter we will be giving away a prize to one or more lucky winner(s)! We started an advertising and promotional program for our suppliers to participate in and the funds we receive from it goes back to our customers!

To participate, customers must purchase at least one featured product from the list shown at our markets with their account on the market kiosk or through the Connect & Pay app! Winners are announced at the end of each quarter.

We also do whole market discounts and product discounts occasionally throughout the year. We do what we can to ensure our customers are actively engaging with our markets and the programs we have to offer!


The Avenue C Kiosks. Each Micro Market has an Avenue C kiosk that customers purchase the products on.

Creating an Account. The neat thing about these kiosks is that you can create your own account and access it through your fingerprint or loyalty card. Creating an account is very easy. All you have to do is touch account manager, select new account, and put in all the information it asks. You can choose between a fingerprint or a card of any time to scan into your account. Once you have done that and entered in your name, a pin code, and your email address, the next time you want to access your account, just select the existing account, and scan your finger (or card)! That’s it!

Accepted Payments. Once you have created an account, you may choose to pay with your account or use a credit/debit card, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Wallet, or connect & Pay App for that one time. If you choose to pay with your account, all you have to do is log in, scan the item you want to buy, and go! You can add money to your account by either inserting dollar bills (the machine does not give cashback) or using your credit/debit card to add a certain amount. The account payment option is quick and easy!

Connect and Pay® App. Enjoy contactless check-outs with the free Connect & Pay® app that is available in the app store for any smartphone. Connect your account on the kiosk to this app or create a new account through the app to process payments directly through the app. Learn more here, Contactless Solutions.


Cameras. Every micro market location has security cameras that overlook the market. These cameras are monitored by someone at Crickler every day. When the Crickler Vending employee catches someone stealing from the market, the employee tells the company and shows them who it is. So, even though theft happens, we are here to make sure it can be stopped.

Personal Accounts. Only you can access your account. Because of the fingerprint technology and the pin code you use, it makes it near to impossible for someone to sneak into your account and use your hard-earned money.

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