Crickler’s COVID-19 Action Plan

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Crickler has implemented new routines to further ensure the safety of our employees and customers. If anyone has any additional steps they would like our drivers to take upon servicing their facilities, let us know and our drivers will promptly comply.

Internal Awareness

  1. We have informed all our employees about the precautions they need to take. Such as washing hands often, avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands, covering their cough or sneeze with a tissue, and staying home if they are sick. All of this is reinforced with posted signage from the CDC in all locations.
  1. We check temperatures of all our employees at the beginning of the workday and wear face masks & gloves within our warehouse. All office personal are required to wear face masks outside of their offices and when they are near others.
  1. We have posted informational signs about COVID-19 from the CDC, which provides facts about the virus, what the symptoms are, and what to do if anyone is sick.
  1. All service technicians and drivers received COVID-19 packets including documentation that is posted inside our branches and cleaning procedures to keep with them in their vehicles.
  1. All managers are monitoring employee health and are instructed to ensure anyone not feeling well stays home.
  1. We have implemented a manager decision tree to take all necessary steps in the event that we have a case internally.
  1. We have limited access to our facilities and are only allowing Crickler employees, product deliveries, and equipment maintenance to enter.
  1. We offer virtual meetings for those who would like to meet our sales representatives and client relations managers.
  1. All management has been instructed to stay out of accounts unless asked to visit – the only staff entering accounts are technicians and drivers to properly maintain inventory and equipment.

External Awareness (In the field approaches)

  1. We have dispatched gloves, face masks, hand sanitizer & wipes, glass cleaners, and disinfectants to all drivers.
  1. We reiterated to our drivers the importance of cleaning and disinfecting the vending machines, coffee machines, and kiosks at ALL locations. Drivers will disinfect all “high touch” surfaces before leaving their stop.
    1. “High touch” surfaces include; touchpads/keypads, fingerprint readers, delivery bins, and the inside and outside of the glass on all vending machines & micro market coolers. This will be done with an EPA List N approved disinfectant, fresh paper towels, and sanitizing wipes.
  1.  All of our drivers will comply with any additional steps they must take at our customers’ facilities.

If you want to download a printable PDF version of our action plan click here: covid-19-action-full-action-plan

If anyone would like to see or speak with managers, please reach out to [email protected], call 888-284-6302, or call your representative directly.