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Hi all,

During these crazy times it is important to keep your mental health in check.  Working with our wellness program provider, we have made a few documents available to help you through this. Below are PDF links to resources regarding mental health.


Action Calendar for May 2020

This calendar has each day of May dedicated to a positive action someone can complete to help boost their mental health.



Brooke Personal Health Companion

Brook is a personal health companion that can help you stay healthy in times of changing schedules or periods of stress, and continue simple daily habits that support a healthy immune system. This program is free for everyone and can be downloaded on Android and Apple devices. Click the link below to view the full details of this amazing program.



Mental Health Tips

The infographic below is full of facts and tips along with reassuring comments for those who may be having a difficult time during this pandemic. It gives advice about activities to do to increase comfort, signs of anxiety, how to manage anxiety, and what to do when anxiety will not let up.



Bravo Free Cleveland Clinic Health Coaching

Bravo is offering free access to Cleveland Clinic Health Coaching, and resources for exercise, stress, nutrition, sleep, and family care.

Clinical Resources to Help You Stay Healthy During the COVID-19 Outbreak

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