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Crickler has the newest technology that increases restocking accuracy and efficiency. Many of the drivers at Crickler use the routeSight glasses during their routes when restocking vending machines or micro markets to reduce errors and increase convenience for them.

What they are

The routeSight glasses are a field-tested, hands-free solution, which enables drivers to enter all service data, confirm inventory, implement price changes, and report any vending issues. They are an advanced piece of technology that allows route drives to effectively and efficiently enter service data, complete inventory, implement price changes, and report issues with a simple voice command or touch on the glasses.

How they work

Once a route driver is at a market or vending machine, they will select the location they are at in the glasses. They will then tap the side of the glasses to select the location and then swipe their finger across the touch pad that is located on the side of the glasses, to select inventory. Then, the first product in the plan-o-gram will appear and the driver will tell the glasses how many products are left in that row. The glasses will automatically continue to the next product in the plan-o-gram once one product inventory is completed.

The glasses will keep the data and then sync to “the inventory management system” to tell the pickers what to pick from the warehouse for the next trip to the market for restocking.


Saves time. Route drivers enter beginning inventories and confirm column data with their voice while actively loading the machine or market ( creating a hands-free experience. On average, the routeSight glasses save Crickler Vending drivers 30 minutes a day. Versus using the handheld which makes the drivers take longer to complete their routes.

Improves accuracy. With the routeSight glasses, each driver improves their accuracy with visual direction and auditory prompts. Route drivers can add, spoil, and remove products and confirm inventory more accurately by using their voices to command the change. With the handhelds, it was easy to mistakenly press the incorrect number on it when doing inventory and mess up the count. The glasses erase that problem and keep the client and drivers’ minds at ease.

Facilitates Communication. Have an issue with the micro market and need to make a request? With these glasses the route drivers can report issues by selecting a common problem in the glasses, capturing a photo, or recording an audio memo ( Then, that information transfers to the home base for others to look at.

Who makes them

WizzanMobility is a glass partner with Google and they create customized glasses specifically for field service, warehouse, assembly, vending, and other hands-on workers (Google).

Crickler offers the top customer service and is always finding ways to improve their services. Contact Crickler today to learn more about the services they offer!

By Rachel Golding

Rachel is the blog creator for Crickler Vending and current intern from SUNY Geneseo for the summer of 2019. Rachel is from Naples, NY, a small town south of Rochester, NY. You can check out her LinkedIn account here: Rachel Golding

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